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STOPplease take a moment

I'd like to tell you a story

it spans 10 years but I'll do my
best to keep it brief

This is a story about Ideonic

a games studio?a digital agency?
an experiment!

Founded in 2006 by Jeremiah Alexander
Ideonic was created as a vessel to
tinker, hack and explore digital technologies
and their potential to create change
Others joined this journey
Each adding their own ideas
perspectives and feelings

As a team they built

great products

Some sought to change the way we view ourselves

MirrorMe Channel 4

whilst others sought to change the way we view the world

Hidden Newcastle Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Some were developed to complement the established way of doing things

Young Finance Manager Scarborough Building Society

whilst others were designed to disrupt it

Every1Speaks Student Led School Management Platform

Some were multi-award winning successes

Time Machine Tyneside Cinema

whilst other were quietly shelved

My Story Theatre

But all of them

fought to be different
fought to make an impact
fought to have meaning

On the 1st August 2016

Ideonic celebrated

10th and final Birthday.

Thank you for your love and support
The experiment has ended
We'll share our conclusions soon